Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just wanted to say...

 Thank you to everyone that reads Gunner's blog and keeps up to date on him. Thank you all for the prayers, the gifts, the kind words, and everything in between. You do not realize just how helpful everything is. Cody and I are so proud of our strong little prince and it brings us much comfort to know that Gunner is loved by others as well. <3

Gunner is doing great right now. He is finally trying more new foods. Although he still has a texture aversion, he is eating things he does like to eat, more! He also learned how to drink from a straw on Saturday! He hasn't done it much today, but he is still doing it and I am so thankful!

His kid walk is doing him good! He knows how to take the big wheels on it and roll backwards and sometimes forwards. He is slowly learning how to put his feet forward and not drag them when he moves the chair. Steady progress I would say! The best part about it is, the kid walk hasn't broke down Gunner's skin anywhere so far.

Last Saturday, we went and got Gunner's hair trimmed, as you can see, it was getting pretty long in the front! It wasn't a huge haircut, but his first one none the less! Now, when we put his hair in his Mohawk, it is shorter. :)



The lady at the bakery in the grocery store today gave Gunner a cookie. He ate all the icing off of it :)

Gunner's facebook page is still in the works, but will be up soon. I am very grateful to have the help of a WONDERFUL EB advocate to help me design it to bring maximum awareness to everyone who visits. I promise as soon as we "launch" the page, I will post a link to the blog to let everyone know how to follow our prince. Thank you everyone!

Gunner playing in his giant bandage supply shipping box. :)

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  1. Hi Emily,
    It is great to hear Gunner is doing so well!! He is so adorable and seeing the picture of him demolishing the icing off of the cookie is sweet.

    Praying for you Gunner!!