Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick Update

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give you a quick update. We have an online fundraiser finally going to raise the funds for Gunner's subtype testing. Thank you all ahead of time for stopping by and always thinking of our baby!

You can go to:

Gunner has been doing great, although I've been feeling a little crummy lately. Gunner's hair is growing like crazy. He is looking even more like his daddy. He is learning to blow raspberries with his mouth and yelling at us to get our attention if he wants something. He is waving bye bye and just about getting the hang of knowing what Hi means too and will wave when he hears that. If you ask him for a kissy, (you gotta say please ;)) he bends his head down for you to kisses little forehead. And he kisses his toys you. Now, if he wants a kiss hell just hold his head down until someone plants a kiss on his forehead. He cuddles with you when he's sleepy. I just love this boy.he is SO ticklish everywhere. We gotta be careful ofcourse but he likes to play rough with his daddy. He copies his daddy and tries to box him lol. He will act like he is chewing on something with his mouth if he sees you eating or chewing gum.

We are working with our PT trying to get him to bear weight on his feet and he is actually doing it for a few seconds. His right foot turns in a bit, we don't know if it is fixed that way or if that is just the position he keeps his foot in because it is comfortable. But he will sit on your knee and bounce up and down pushing against the floor with his feet. He will also sit on your knee and reach for things on the ground or out in front of him and that makes him near weight too. This makes me so happy. I've had two dreams since Gunner has been born of Gunner running around and walking and I'm believing that those dreams will come true. It may be on Gunner's own time but I really believe he will be able to walk on his own. I'm praying so.

Gunner is really showing his personality. Haha he is so stubborn like his daddy. He shakes his head no when he sees me get dressings out, he tells at you when he wants your attention or a toy (even yelled at the top of his lungs in Wal Mart the other day). He's also really trying hard to bend his legs back and move in the floor while he is playing, he will do one leg but not both at the same time. We've got such a strong little guy.
But with him knowing more of what's going on, comes hard things. When he sees me get dressings out he is happy but still shakes his head no at me. But then when we are actually in the dressing chair and I have to get a needle to lance a blister he screams at me before I'm even there with the needle and shakes his head no and tries to hide his hand or he will raise his leg in the air to try and get it away from me. When he has a mouth blister (or lately a lip blister) he tries to suck on his bottle but can't because it hurts and he will look at me crying like, "mom why are you doing that, why can't I just eat?" That look he gives me makes me feel about an inch tall. He looks at me like I am controlling it and I am doing it.. I just wish he could understand.

But for the most part our little prince is doing great. Along with the online fundraiser, our local BBQ restaurant is hosting a benefit dinner for Gunner to help as well. So many people are handing out flyers and letting people know about it so I'm sure we will have a wonderful turnout! Plus, they are letting us set up a donation jar. We have a wonderful community!

For Gunner's first Halloween we went to trunk or treat and got some candy too. He liked it. He was a little bear cub, he had a cute little outfit with claws on the feet and a bear hood but he wouldn't wear the hood he kept yelling everytime we tried to out it on. We also took him to a local pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and he like that too.

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers for our lil guy. It's so humbling to know that so many people care about Gunner and love him without even meeting him.