Friday, January 11, 2013

Our smart little Prince..

 Gunner has been learning so many new things lately! I thought that I would make a post about how smart our little prince is.

Gunner can "say" or what we call saying some new things. It's mostly sounds, but we know what he means. He can "say"

"Nuh Uh"    For no..
"Uh Huh"    For yes..
"Huh?"       When we say something to him and he wasn't paying attention..
"Dada" or "Daddddddyyyyyyyy" or "Dadadadadadadada"   for when he wants Cody..
"Mamamamamama" or "Momma" for when he wants me or my attention..
"Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"   for yes...
He will say "Nana" for my mom or for Cody's nana
He will say "Nene" for Cody's mom
There is a local commercial that plays for a local lawyer and at the end of their commercial it is the lawfirms phone number and they sing it. Gunner likes any singing and any music. The commercial goes, "call 7-2-8 8-8-8-8-" So Gunner will say "eight eight eight eight eight eight eight" over and over. He also will say it if he hears it while we are watching Sesame Street or if he hears someone say eight for whatever reason.
He is also making "E" noises and "A" noises
He is even starting to stand for a few seconds longer than he used to be able to. With both feet flat on the ground. (His feet turn in a certain direction because of constantly having to be wrapped up.)

Gunner also will reach for things that he wants now. He holds his own bottle as I have mentioned before. Anytime he hears music, he will dance to it, whether we are at home or he is in his carseat, he will dance. Gunner is also becoming quite the little ornery thing. He will try and sneak in a hit or two to your face if he doesn't want you doing something. Also, when I am changing his diaper or doing dressings or laying him down for a nap, he will kick his legs down really hard and growl at you if he doesn't want you doing something or if he doesn't want to do it.

Dressings are becoming more challenging since Gunner is getting older. He likes to grab the already cut and sanitary dressings and put them in his mouth, or throw them on the ground so I can't use them. He will also do that thing where he kicks his legs down really hard when I put him in his dressing chair. This is really nerve wracking for me because if his feet hit anything besides the soft blanket I put underneath him (whether it hits hard or soft) it will make a blister or slough off his skin. Needless to say, he is becoming a handful with dressings, but he is my little handful and I wouldn't trade him for anything. <3

Yesterday, I went to get Gunner up for the day and got him out of his crib and he had a spot on the left side of his nose. We don't keep any toys or stuffed animals in the crib, and we have the crib borders up to keep the railings from getting his skin while he is sleeping. But, when Gunner sleeps, he ends up sideways in his crib by morning. Just the slow transition of how he lays while he sleeps just peeled his skin back.

We went to the park the other day and got some really sweet pictures of Gunner. We are planning on going again this afternoon, it is supposed to be in the high sixties today! That's Oklahoma weather for ya! Gunner and I love having Cody home every evening with him working locally. Even though he doesn't make as much money, it still outweighs him being gone all of the time and being home in case (God forbid) Gunner had to be hospitalized again, or just to be there with me when Gunner has appts and such.

I'm sure many of you all made a New Year's Resolution, well, mine is to be more positive and more helpful (and the oh so famous eating healthy and getting fit). I am trying to reach out more to EB familes and being nice and having a smile on my face even to strangers. The end of 2011, our prince was born, I honestly would say it took be most if not all of 2012 to soak EB in, realize to let go and let God. He is the one that WILL heal EB. On the perfect day, in the perfect hour. Until the cure is here, this is our life. I want to be more positive, because Gunner will get his view of how to handle his EB from Cody and I. If we are not always looking at the postitive, how will we expect Gunner to?

Thank you all for reading! God Bless!