Gunner's nursery, I had it all decorated and ready for him before we had to move

 This picture is very special to me. These boots that my grandpa got for Gunner on the right is the one thing I was most excited for Gunner to wear. Unfortunately, his feet cannot handle shoes right now. The boots on the left were Cody's when he was little. :)

My first time holding him, this was two days after he was born.

     Daddy changing his first diaper!
  Dad holding baby boy for the first time :)

First time wearing clothes!

  Grandma and Grandpa Nance (my mother and father)
  Gunners finally eating out of a bottle with NO feeding tube!

Christmas Eve 2011

Gunner's great mema (Cody's mema)
 Looking at momma

 Gunner's great grandma Brown (my grandma)

  First big boy bath!

 Valentine's Day 2012

 Red for Tripp! :)

 Gunner's two month pictures
 Gunner's first "sponge bath" in the NICU

First family picture

  Dressing changes

My first time in clothes!

  I love my daddy sooooo much!

The family at Ronald McDonald House, Aurora, CO

Eating my hand


  1. What a handsome little boy you have!! He is so precious. Looking forward to following along and praying for all of you as Gunner shows EB who is boss! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  2. He is a beautiful little guy. My prayers are with you and I hope he is Growing strong. Gods everlasting kindness to you